Mental Health


Statistics from the Ministry of Health show than approximately 47% of individuals in New Zealand will experience a mental illness and/or addiction at some time in their lives. These statistics are alarming because if left untreated, mental illness can lead to substance abuse, unemployment, health complications, and in the worst case, suicide.

There is a huge stigma associated with mental health within the Indian population. Mental illness is seen as a diminished virtue, rather than a sane response to insane life circumstances. Due to shame, many Indian people do not seek timely treatment and care, which often leads to more severe circumstances. It is important that we understand more about mental illness and work towards reducing the stigma associated to it so that individuals are not ashamed seeking timely treatment.

The following organisations may be able to help/provide you with more information:

Mental Health Foundation
Supporting Families in Mental Illness
Depression Helpline 
Lifeline Aotearoa 
Suicide Crisis Helpline 
Muslim Mental Health Team (Affinity Services)


Please contact us at if you would like to add to this list.