Welcome to the New Zealand division of the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO).

An unofficial estimate of the total number of people of Indian origin living outside India is about 22 million people. The last census in 2013 showed that there are approximately 160,000 people that identify with the Indian ethnicity living in New Zealand. Whether these people originally come from Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, the Caribbean or Europe, almost all of us maintain our cultural tradition and values. We seem to have meaningfully integrated in our countries of choice without losing our ethnic identity. Often, this is what drives us.

GOPIO is an international non-charitable organisation that is aimed at promoting the welfare and increasing collaboration between people of Indian origin across the globe.

The initial ambition of GOPIO was fighting human rights violations of people of Indian origin. Although this has been improved in the last decade, human rights violations continue to be a major issue for PIO’s living outside India.  GOPIO has now set its priorities in pooling our resources, through both personal and professional knowledge and skills, for the benefit of PIO’s, the countries they come from, and for India.

Toward this goal, we welcome you to join in this international effort.